Hoosier HIT Printing’s 3M CONTROLTAC is your best choice when purchasing vehicle wrap! With it’s Long Term, Pressure Activated Properties, our 3M CONTROLTAC makes wrapping any vehicle a breeze!

With it’s Easy Installation Comply Air Release Material, it makes this product the industry standard in HD Quality Printed Wrap Material!

Single Sided Printing Only – Contour Cutting Options!]

Contact one of our friendly, experienced print specialists with any questions or to order your custom printed 3M CONTROLTAC!

**Please note, this material is only available with customer print ready artwork supplied to Hoosier HIT Printing via email. Hoosier HIT Printing is not responsible in any way, shape or form for customer artwork with this material. Hoosier HIT Printing does not offer installation for this product and takes no responsibility for the final fit and artwork quality for this product.**